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Why would I want to sign up for 1stCallHEALTH?

1stCallHEALTH is a personalized concierge subscription service that provides access to your own full practice authority Nurse Practitioner who is your trusted health partner.

Why a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurses are the most trusted professionals in the country. A full practice authority Nurse Practitioner provides a full range of primary care services to meet your needs.

What can a Nurse Practitioner do for me?

A wide range of primary care services:

  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and x-rays.
  • Diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and injuries.
  • Prescribe medications and other treatments.
  • Manage your overall care.
  • Coordinate your care with other specialties.
  • Educate on disease prevention and positive health and lifestyle choices.

What if I already have another doctor?

1stCallHEALTH is here for whatever you need, including having a trusted partner to answer questions, coordinate your care, and take the hassle out of making an appointment. Even if you already have another doctor, we add an extra layer of peace of mind and convenience.

What if I don’t have a doctor?

1stCallHEALTH provides a wide range of primary care services that can meet most of your health care needs. We would be honored to be your primary care choice.

Do you have an office?

Yes, we are located at 1331 H ST NW STE #200, Washington, DC 20005

How do I know if this is the right service for me?

Health care is very personal. We will work hard to meet your needs. If you are interested in trying us, you can pay for one month and see if it fits. If it does, we would be honored to serve you.

Do I have to have a special computer or camera to use 1stCallHEALTH?

You will need a computer or phone that has a camera built into it. Think of how you would use something like Facetime or Zoom.

What does “Concierge” mean?

We are dedicated directly to you and your care. We do not take insurance and there is not a corporation between you and your Nurse Practitioner.

Can I use your services in all 50 States?

At this time, 1stCallHEALTH is only available in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. We can only offer services in States where nurse practitioners have “full practice authority”. That means that a nurse practitioner can provide the same primary care services of a general practice physician. There are currently 23 states that offer independent nurse practitioner primary care. The good news is that more and more States are realizing the value of nurse practitioners and moving to expand patient access to their care.

What States are you in right now?

Currently, we are only in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. We look forward to expanding to other States soon.

What do I do if I have an emergency?

You need to call 911 or go to an emergency room or urgent care. However, message your 1stCallHEALTH Nurse Practitioner when you can and let them know your situation. They will follow up with you to find out how they can support you.

Does 1stCallHEALTH take insurance?

No. We are in a direct relationship with our patients.

Why don’t you take insurance?

We work for you, not an insurance company. Insurance companies require a lot of time and paperwork to get paid for services. If we took insurance, we would have to charge you more for your care in order to hire the people in the middle to work with the insurance companies.

Is it private?

We have a secure network partner, are HIPAA compliant, and all of your records belong to you.

Can anyone use your service?

We do not take patients less than 3 years of age.

Who do I contact if I have trouble signing up or signing in?

What should I expect at my first appointment?

You will have 30 minutes with your Nurse Practitioner who will talk to you about what you would like from our service, what your immediate needs are, your medical history, any medications you are currently taking, any allergies you have, your health goals, and anything else you would like to discuss.

What do I need to have with me for my first appointment?

All you need is you. However, if possible, have a list of all your current medications. If you don’t have them at your initial appointment you can always securely message them to your Nurse Practitioner team at more convenient time.

Can I send my Nurse Practitioner a health question through [email protected]?


Please only discuss your personal health information with your healthcare provider through your secure HIPAA compliant patient portal account. Due to HIPAA health safety requirements, we cannot address health questions through the customer care email account.

Do I need to be rich to afford “Concierge” care?

You should not have to be rich to afford access to quality primary care that focuses on you. Our prices are as affordable as we could make them in order to provide the services you deserve.

How much does it cost?


$ 39

Per Visit
  • “This price reflects an introductory limited time 20% discount

In Office

$ 75

Per Visit
  • “This price reflects an introductory limited time 15% discount

If I have insurance, can I use my insurance to pay for 1stCallHEALTH?

No. We do not take insurance.

What if I want to cancel?

Your credit card will be charged for the visit if you do not cancel prior to 24 hours before your appointment.

How do I pay?

At this time, we are only taking Credit Cards for payment. However, we are exploring other options such as PayPal, Venmo, and Cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to make it easy to receive our services.

Are there extra fees and surprises?

Our service does not include the cost for lab tests, x-rays, or prescription medications.

Is every medical test I need included in the monthly fee?

No. Lab tests and x-rays are not included.

If I have a specialty consult, is that included in my monthly fee?

No. Our service covers all of your telehealth primary care needs.

How can you help me?

1stCallHEALTH provides affordable access to primary care services. We can diagnose, order prescription medications, order and interpret lab test results and x-rays, coordinate care, manage chronic diseases, educate, and be a partner in living your best health.

What can you treat?

We offer a wide variety of primary care services including, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and injuries.

Do you provide mental health services?

We provide primary care counseling services, but at this time do not provide licensed therapist mental health services.

Can you write prescriptions?

Yes. Our Nurse Practitioners have full practice authority and can order prescriptions for you.

Can I get pain medications?

You will work with your Nurse Practitioner to find the right medication for you. We do not prescribe narcotics.

What if I need blood work?

Your Nurse Practitioner can order and interpret results of any laboratory tests you need, including blood work.

What if I need an x-ray?

Your Nurse Practitioner can order and interpret results of x-rays.

Can I talk about more than one problem in my visit?

Yes. You and your Nurse Practitioner are partners. You can schedule time for more than one problem in your visit.

How long is my visit?

Our appointment schedule is set up in 30 minute time blocks. If you don’t feel you had enough time during your visit, or if your Nurse Practitioner wants to investigate further to resolve an issue, then simply schedule another appointment.

How many visits can I have?

There is no limit on what you and your Nurse Practitioner decide is best for you.

Do I have to have another doctor to use this service?

No. If you don’t have a doctor or if you don’t have insurance, you can use 1stCallHEALTH.

Will you take the time to answer all of my questions?

You will have as much time and access to your Nurse Practitioner as you need.

What does 1stCallHEALTH care coordination mean?

Your Nurse Practitioner will work with you to help you manage your care across all of your health needs.

If I have another doctor can you see my information?

Yes. We work with other organizations to obtain the information we need to care for you as your health partner.

Does my information at 1stCallHEALTH get to other doctors I visit?

We work with you to make sure the information you would like shared with other doctors will be shared.